Real Estate

Whether or not you are using a realtor to buy or sell a property an attorney is always needed to transfer the property in Illinois. When you choose an attorney, these are the important things you should be considering:


Having represented both sides of numerous real estate transactions, I have experience navigating the sometimes-turbulent waters of title exceptions and am knowledgeable of the ever-growing stack of real estate paperwork. I have the experience to competently represent you in any situation that may arise.


The foremost frustration of most people (including realtors) involved in a property transaction is a lack of communication from one of the parties. Common question and unforeseen problems come up quite often during the sales process and so it is very important for an attorney to always be available to provide an answer to these concerns. I have worked with many realtors in the area over the last four years and many of them greatly appreciate my timeliness and attention to detail in representing my clients.