Practice Areas

When asked what type of law I practice, my answer has generally become, “I don’t do divorce and I don’t do child custody.”  Those are areas that I don’t want to be involved in because of the stress and heartache involved.  That said, I have a general knowledge of many areas of law and can help with the vast majority of ordinary problems people in this area run into.  If I don’t know, I know how to find out and am willing to put in the time to become knowledgeable.

The areas that I enjoy practicing the most are estate planning, probate, and real estate.


Estate Planning
Whether you have a lot or a little, you still want your estate to pass in a manner that is in accordance with your wishes.


Allow me to be your guide on the complex and oftentimes intimidating process known as Probate.


Real Estate
Whether or not you are using a realtor to buy or sell a property – an attorney is always needed to transfer the property in Illinois.