Why I Practice Law

When I was accepted into Liberty University School of Law, I wasn’t sure at first if I ever actually wanted to practice law.  In fact, becoming an attorney was pretty close to the bottom of my list for reasons to going.  As someone who had studied ancient history in my undergraduate studies, I was most attracted to the study of the history and origins of law.  Sounds pretty nerdy, doesn’t it?

However, once I was in law school, I realized that practicing law was actually something I really enjoyed.  The opportunity to help people who genuinely needed assistance was incredible.  While in law school, I was able to draft estate planning documents for missionaries about to go to dangerous parts of the world and I also worked for a non-profit dedicated to helping preserve the 1st Amendment.

When we moved back to Fulton after law school, it wasn’t long before I realized that there were (and still are) lots of people in this area who genuinely need help.  And that is why I am here – to help people.

What I Do Differently